Romania Scholarship | Romanian Government Scholarship

 Romania Scholarship | Romanian Government Scholarship

 Arab students in Romanian universities according to the Romanian government scholarship agreement with other countries that have good dealings with Romania.

Note that the Romanian government scholarship is offered to Arab students through the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and annually gives a number of seats, approximately 350 scholarships annually.

Students in the Romanian Government Scholarship can apply to study  majors of study  in both  Bachelor’s  and  Master  â€™s degrees  at any of the universities in Romania available that are compatible with the Romanian scholarship.

Students in the Romanian Government Scholarship will receive Romanian language courses in addition to a monthly stipend and free housing.

Duration of the Government of Romania Scholarship

  1. Romania Scholarships for Bachelors  from 3 to 6 years
  2. Scholarships for masters from  one and a half to two years
  3. PhD from   3-4 years

Scholarship Brief

Romanian Government Scholarship Advantages

The Romanian Government Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for the year 2021 to study Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree program in Romanian universities. All expenses will be fully covered by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Romanian Government Scholarship Disciplines

All of the following majors are available to apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship

  1. architecture
  2. visual arts
  3. Roman culture and civilization
  4. Political and Administrative Sciences
  5. Education and Social Sciences
  6. and human sciences
  7. Technical Studies
  8. Petrol Engineering
  9. Agricultural Sciences
  10. Veterinary Medicine.

Romania Scholarship Admission Criteria

Romania Scholarship Terms

Documents required for application

Documents must be translated by a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well.

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Romania Government Scholarship Results

After receiving the Romanian government scholarship, the results of admission will be announced if you are accepted for the scholarship on 15.06. In addition, after the results are announced, you must arrive in Romania between 01.10 and 15.10 of each academic year.

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